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I'm Shawn, the driving force behind Touchpoints: Cuddles and Community! 


Touchpoints is here to help people connect with themselves, their needs, and their community. I do this with individuals during cuddle sessions and small groups during my cuddle and connection workshops. This is my work and my passion. 


Who am I? 

  • A Chicago Dweller
  • A Professional Cuddler (As seen in The Chicago Reader)
  • A Meditation Master
  • A Skillful Faciltator (Click here to check out upcoming events)
  • A Healer
  • A Public Speaker (Click here to request my services)

Latest articles

***** I am in the process of rolling out a new, cuddle focused business name this summer! Instead of "A Wedding & A Funeral" my name will be "Touchpoints: Cuddles and Connection." I have a tagline now on dating. Woo-hoo! The transition will take a little time so you may see some things with either or both names for a bit. Sorry. Hopefully, you will only see Touchpoints soon. *****


Is loneliness bad?

Well, temporary loneliness develops into chronic as it is simply difficult to let another person into your life, even if you want to. Living only for yourself, there is a higher risk of acquiring a destructive dependence, for example, on alcohol, which will affect all areas of life. Also, a significant disadvantage of such a life is the absence of many important things, which stable relationships give: support, care, more varied leisure activities, etc. In addition, it has been proven surveys that people who are happy in their relationships live longer.



Touchpoints: Cuddles and Community

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