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Chicago Queer Spa was founded out of the need for our community, specifically our trans, genderqueer, androgynous, non-binary and gender fluid communities and their POC members to have a safe place to rest, recharge and heal their bodies. As people who have sometimes felt lost within groups that were intended to serve queer people, we do not want to do that to others. For this reason, we are doing some wild, complicated math to ensure a very simple idea- We never want queer spa to be dominated by any one subset of the queer community. We would honestly rather have a small, diverse group of amazing people than a large group with a small amount of people who feel like they are not being seen.

The secondary purpose of these events is to fund-raise for the community/bath/house; our own 24/7, private, gender inclusive, body positive, community centered- healing space in Chicago that will include spa and sauna facilities as well as self-care services provided by the queer community, for the queer community and our allies and free community space for support groups and events.

We have found a home for now, once a month (maybe more!) in a dreamy little joint hidden in a basement a bit SW of the city.

$25-35 sliding scale gets you access to: 
-cedar sauna
-2 steam saunas 
-cold plunge
-billiards room 
-Himalayan salt room ( sign up for your 30 minute slot when you get here)
-all the cucumber-lemon water you can drink! 
-a robe, a towel/skirt/dress-thingy, shower shoes & towel
-handmade soaps and scrubs from THIS in showers and steam rooms!

All events are private, if you want an invitation, message us and we'll send you a short questionnaire. We do this in an effort to maintain safe, friendly and accountable space for our guests. If you do not use Facebook, you can also email us at mailto

Please tell your friends!! Like our  (that's a great way to stay connected). Share us with everyone who should know! Remember how beautiful you really are, and come heal with us!!



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